NPA Consultant/ Resolution

NPA or Non-performing Assets are loans/debts that fail to be paid by the individual or company (borrower) to the lender within a specific period (at least 90 days). These have legal consequences which keep the borrowers' reputations at stake. To overcome the situation of stressed assets, our firm offers NPA Consultancy or NPA Resolution Services to such clients with NPA.

Our expert team of Lawyers, Chartered Accounts, Financial advisors, and officials has the expertise and several years of experience in handling the NPA situation.

We guide the clients by analyzing the position of the finances before the NPA problem. It includes studying the complete cash flow, income generation, liabilities, and financial condition. After assessing the case and understanding the reason behind the situation, the concerned team strategizes a plan to restructure the loan in a way convenient for the client without compromising the lender's rights. Apart from that, we aim to make negotiations to settle the NPA crisis through One Time Settlement (OTS) and other measures, and resolve the issues considering the SARFAESI Act provisions and all the legal guidelines. Every measure creates a path to protect the client from complex actions that the lender may take to recover the debt.

Contact our firm's consultants as we ensure to take our client out of debt and offer complete NPA resolution.